Archies Thongs and the Initial Feeling of the Arch Support

Are Archies Thongs instantly comfortable for everyone?

Most people find Archies Thongs to be instantly and unbelievably comfortable. However, for some people, getting used to the support can take some time and may even cause some soreness. Archies arch support thongs have over 55,000 reviews and are stocked in over 4000 health practices and shoe stores worldwide, we can say fairly confidently that your feet will love the arch support!

Will I get used to the feeling of the arch support?

Yes, after several days of wear, the thongs will gradually mould to the shape of your foot and become much more comfortable. Similar to when someone first starts wearing orthotics, it is common for users to feel some initial soreness as their feet adjust to having an arch underneath them and having their posture re-corrected.

What can I do if my Archies Thongs are not instantly comfortable?

If you have felt discomfort when initially wearing the thongs, we suggest following a similar principle to what Podiatrists recommend and wear them in gradually. For example, you might like to wear them for an hour or so a day and gradually increase this until your feet become more comfortable with the arch. We normally recommend a minimum of 2 weeks of a ‘wearing in’ period before deciding whether the thongs are right for you.

What if I feel pain instead of discomfort when wearing Archies Thongs?

We do NOT advise any customers to 'push through' actual pain. If any soreness or pain continues to persist, then please contact your health care professional. 

What if wearing in the thongs is not working?

The other solution is to heat mould them, which can normally instantly fix the issue and can be done in a matter of minutes. Instructions on how to heat mould your Archies Thongs can be found on our website. Heat moulding does not affect your ability to get a refund.