How to stretch the strap of Archies Thongs

Archies Thongs can easily be stretched by your hands. Please watch this quick video and follow the instructions below on how to do this.


If you follow these instructions, the straps are almost impossible to break! For more on stretching the strap, here's a video by Dan our founder.

To stretch the strap, simply hold the strap between your fingers and in small little increments, stretch each section of the strap where it feels too tight. You can do the same for the toe pole if this feels too tight or uncomfortable.

If you try the thongs back on and they are still too tight, you may have to increase the force of your stretching and repeat this process multiple times until they have reached your desired level of tightness. Don’t be afraid to give them a good pull if they really are too tight!

While the straps are super strong, there are some places you should not stretch:

  • Directly on a seam line (indicated by a faint line through the strap). 
  • You should also avoid directly stretching the straps where they insert onto the top of the toe pole (the V joining shape).
  • On the sides where the straps join to the footbed.


Chat with our team if they are still feeling too tight, we can almost always fix your issue.