I normally wear orthotics, is it still ok that I wear Archies Thongs?

Archies Thongs are fine to be worn by people who wear orthotics and are normally the perfect complimentary device as they contain a similar amount of support found in most orthotics. This is why the thongs are so popular among podiatrists and elite athletes. 

Many podiatrists and health care professionals that stock Archies Thongs recommend them as an ‘in and around the house slipper’. Rather than walking around bare feet in and around the house, wearing Archies Thongs when you are not wearing your orthotics allows you to get substantial support through the day whilst giving your feet a much needed break and some fresh air!

If you have a specific condition or wear customized orthotics, we recommend that you get the go-ahead from your health practitioner before purchasing Archies Thongs. The above is general information and should not replace the advice given to you by your health practitioner.