My thongs feel uncomfortable. Will this improve?

Yes, in most cases, we find that  with time and wear  our thongs become considerably more comfortable. 

Like all new shoes, our footwear has a wearing-in period. 

The reason for this is that the footbed is designed to mould to the shape of your feet. When new, the material has not yet been softened and shaped by your feet which is why it may feel uncomfortable.

We suggest wearing them for 20 minutes a day for two weeks. This will allow the footbed to mold to your feet and your feet time to get used to being supported. 

We also recommend checking that you have the correct fit. 

Our thongs should "fit like a glove" with very little space in front of your toes and behind the heels. This ensures that the arch is aligned with your arch. If the size is too big, the arch might feel uncomfortable as it's not positioned correctly. 

Feel free to contact us and send us a few photos of the fit if you'd like us to check it for you.